Image by DEÁN from “Pinterest: cousas as”. Image of CARAMIÑAL from “”. The second image shows the ensemble of DEÁN and CARAMIÑAL today.

The town of A Pobra do Caramiñal is the result of the union of two localities in 1822:

The first is the manor of Pobra do Deán in the 14th century, a small fishing port under the jurisdiction of the Cabildo of Santiago. The control of this town was exercised by the Dean of the Cabildo of Santiago who had a small “Castelo” or castle in this town. From this foundation, an important port was founded in the 15th century. This meteoric career reached its decline at the end of the 15th century due to the Irmandiños conflicts and the destruction of the “Castelo” or castle that the Dean owned in this town. These were years of lawsuits by the town council against the inhabitants of the town, which brought poverty and lack of investment.

The second is the Caramiñal manor, a medieval fortress which, after the Irmandiñas wars, began a period of splendour for this town through the Xunqueiras manor. This splendour increased with the reigns of the Habsburgs, Charles and his son Philip, due to the fundamental role that the Marquises of Xunqueiras played in the Court.