This place is perhaps one of the most impressive natural jewels of A Pobra. It is a whim and a gift from the action of nature throughout history. The waters of the river have been shaping the stones on the slopes of the Curota mountain. Thus, over thousands of years they have formed natural pools, small and large waterfalls, surrounded by a dense grove of trees.

As you go up the river, you are completely enraptured by the natural beauty. It is therefore understandable that in the 15th century this place was chosen by some people of contemplative life to build their monastery and live their religious experience in the company of the natural landscape. There, nature is reinforced by the ruins of history (the old convent of San Juan de la Miserela and the medieval bridge) and legend (the boat of San Mauro).

A gift of nature to contemplate and enjoy bathing in the pools of this river.