The Curota viewpoint (also known as Curotiña viewpoint) in 2019 was selected by voters of La Voz de Galicia as the most beautiful viewpoint in Galicia. Visitors will fall in love with its privileged green and blue landscape of the coastal geography of Arousa. From its height of more than 500 metres above sea level, you can see the whole of the Arousa estuary, with its towns on both sides of the estuary, the mussel farming platforms, the island of Arousa and the small islands. This privileged view goes beyond the estuary itself, and with a clear sky you can clearly see the islands of Ons and Cíes and even the mountain of Santa Tecla in La Guarda. The view of the Corrubedo dune park, the view of the Muros-Noia estuary and the views of the whole west as far as Fisterra are impressive.

It is impressive by day, but equally wonderful by night. Watching the full moon rise from the east and dominate the night over the estuary is a unique spectacle.