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Terms &Conditions

Terms &Conditions

This document establishes the rules governing the terms and conditions of the booking of accommodation in Pincheiro Apartamentos Turísticos S. L., made online on the web, as well as those made by phone, whatsApp, email and in person at our establishments.

These terms and conditions to be applied according to each case are made available to the customer prior to the formalisation of the reservation. Pincheiro Apartamentos Turísticos (hereinafter Pincheiro AT) obeys the corporate name of Pincheiro AT S. L., in Rúa Antón Paz Míguez, 7 15940 Pobra do Caramiñal, CIF B70599063.


The reservation made by the Client must be made with at least one person of legal age.

When making the booking, the Client must inform Pincheiro AT how many guests will be staying in the flat to be booked, and according to this number, the corresponding rate will be applied. Children over 2 years old will be charged the same rate as an adult.

The rates resulting from the search on the Pincheiro AT website for the formalisation of bookings are the applicable rates. All online booking rates are per complete flat based on two people and three people. In the formalisation of the reservation it is possible to add to the basic two/three people more people, and so on until the accommodation capacity of each flat is exhausted. The capacity of each flat is indicated and illustrated in the online booking. In exceptional cases in which the Client wishes to add one more place to the maximum number of persons accommodated in a flat, Pincheiro AT will provide the Client with an extra bed in the flat booked, the cost of which will be that established in the price list for additional persons.

It is understood that the final and complete price (including the selected services and applicable taxes) is the price indicated before the acceptance of these Terms and Conditions and the payment of the reservation with its corresponding payment obligation.

Should there be any changes due to unforeseen circumstances or problems with the booking, Pincheiro AT will contact the Client immediately for approval or instructions, prior to making the change to the booking.

The final price does not include any other services that have not been specified or contracted, nor any other additional services.

During the months of JULY and/or AUGUST there will be a one-off payment of 30 € for the cleaning and disinfection of the flat. This amount will be included in the final price. It is IMPORTANT to know that, if you make your booking for July and/or August during the months of September, October, November, December, January, February, March, April, May or June, these 30 € will be charged at the Pincheiro AT establishment once you check-in.

Pincheiro AT, in case of damages, reserves the right to charge the Damage Deposit retained on account by the Credit Card, and whose amount established in this document is 200 euros.

Pincheiro AT reserves the right to cancel a reservation if the information provided is false or incorrect.

Throughout the year there will be SPECIAL HOLIDAY RESERVATIONS, such as Christmas, Easter, Seasons, Bridges, Special Events, etc., and such reservations will have special rates. There will also be a special COVID rate. There will also be promotional rates.

If your reservation is made through an external company (e.g. Booking, Airbnb, TripAdvisor, etc.), their cancellation policies will apply, and the reservation can only be cancelled through these companies or agencies. In the event of a no-show at the establishment without having cancelled, no refund is applicable.

Bookings made by travel agents through our website will be considered void. Travel agents and travel agencies may not book accommodation for their clients using our booking portal. Unless there is an agreement with PINCHEIRO AT.

Travel agents or agencies wishing to book accommodation on PINCHEIRO AT for their clients should contact our staff directly by e-mail. (reservas@pincheiro.es)


Once the booking has been made, the written confirmation of the booking by e-mail means that the contract signed between the Client and Pincheiro AT comes into force.

This means that, once the booking has been made, the Client will receive a confirmation email which also includes the payment conditions, the cancellation policy, the address of the flat, telephone number, as well as other information that may be useful.



Normal rate: If the Client cancels the booking up to 15 days before the arrival date, the cancellation is free of charge. If the cancellation is made less than 15 days before arrival, Pincheiro AT will charge 50% of the full advance payment of the reservation. Finally, if the cancellation is made 48 hours prior to arrival Pincheiro AT will charge the full advance payment.

COVID special rate: Free cancellation until 23:59 on the second day prior to the check-in date. If cancellation is made 24 hours before (the day before) arrival at Pincheiro AT, we will charge full payment in advance.

Promotional rates: no refunds or modifications are allowed.

No-show: If the Client does not show up at Pincheiro AT on the check-in date, and without prior cancellation, Pincheiro AT will charge 100% of the stay.

How to cancel: The applicable cancellation conditions can be found by the Client in the confirmation email, where he/she can also use the link in the email to cancel the reservation. Cancellations can be made by email to reserva@pincheiro.es, and should be made as soon as possible. All cancellations will be effective as long as we receive confirmation from you. We do not accept cancellations by telephone, cancellations must be made by email.


Normal rate: The Client has the possibility to modify his booking, subject to availability. If the modification is made up to 15 days before the arrival date, there will be no charge. If the modification is made outside this period, no refund of the full advance payment will be made.
Please contact us by email or telephone if you wish to add more nights to your booking, change the number of people or the type of flat. This must be communicated by email to reservas@pincheiro.es. Any extra night is subject to availability at that time.

Promotional rate: no changes are allowed and there is no refund.

Modification of the reservation during the stay by the Client: If the Client decides to shorten his/her stay and leave the flat before the scheduled departure date, Pincheiro AT will not refund the amount of the nights that remain unused until the departure day foreseen in the initial reservation.
Should the Client wish to extend his stay for a few more days, he should contact Pincheiro AT as soon as possible in order to confirm availability and rates.

Modification of the booking by Pincheiro AT
Should Pincheiro AT be obliged, due to force majeure or unforeseen circumstances, to modify a reservation, the Customer will be notified immediately by e-mail. Pincheiro AT, as far as possible and according to availability, will make an offer of a flat with the same or very similar characteristics to the one booked. If the client is not satisfied with the alternative offer proposed, he/she may cancel his/her reservation without being subject to the general cancellation conditions and the amount paid for the reservation will be refunded. Pincheiro AT does not assume any other responsibility for the total or partial cancellation of the reservation.


Once the Reservation Form has been filled out on the Pincheiro AT website, the full and complete payment for the Apartment is made in advance. Once the full payment is received by Pincheiro, the reservation is made and the reservation contract is effective. The payment method is by credit or debit card, and through the Pincheiro AT web gateway.
Together with the full payment of the Apartment, the Damage Deposit will be retained. In the full payment is already included the Cleaning Fee or other fees that are indicated in the confirmation email.
All cash payments are only in Euros, no exceptions.



The flat is available from 17:00 onwards; the check-in time is therefore from 17:00 to 22:00. If you anticipate or delay your arrival or if you arrive after 22:00, you should contact Pincheiro AT using the contact details indicated in the booking confirmation email, so that we can coordinate your arrival in a more flexible way. If you do not contact Pincheiro AT, you run the risk of not being able to use the accommodation. If you have not arrived at Pincheiro AT by 12:00 noon on the day following the date of arrival without giving prior notice of the delay, we will consider the reservation as a cancellation and will not be obliged to reimburse the amount paid for the reservation.

Departure must take place between 8:00 and 11:00. If you wish to leave later, you must inform Pincheiro AT at the time of arrival or one day before your departure date, so that we can check availability. If there is availability, you will be able to stay in the flat until 13:00, and this will have an additional cost of 20 euros per complete flat. Departures after 13:00 will be considered as a new stay, and will be charged as an additional day’s stay.

On the day and time of arrival, the Client and accompanying guests must identify themselves with their ID card or passport. The Admission Form will be filled in for the Book-Register of travellers and for the communication of data to the police (Guardia Civil) on the basis of the regulatory regulations (Organic Law 4/2015 30 March, Decree 393/1974 7 February, Decree 1513/1959 18 August and Resolution of 14 July 2003 of the Secretary of State for Security which determines the conditions and form of use of the transmission of computer files and computer media.

Number of guests
The number of people staying in the flat may not exceed the number of people included in the reservation, except for children under 2 years of age. If this number exceeds the number agreed in the Reservation, Pincheiro AT will apply the corresponding rate for each additional person, provided that the capacity of the flat allows it and that extra beds are available.

Pets are not allowed.

The cleaning of the flats is only carried out before the arrival of the Client. For stays of more than one week, an additional cleaning will be carried out every 7 days.

Parties inside the flat, stag/hen parties and loud music are forbidden. The hours of rest and of not making noises that affect the other guests are from 23:00 to 8:00; please respect this timetable.
It is important that the Client knows that if there is any scandal, altercation, vandalism, loud music, parties, and for these reasons, the neighbours or other guests complain and call the Police, this will be cause for immediate eviction from the Apartment and the Pincheiro premises, whatever the time of day or night. We understand that any understanding and cooperation on the part of all in relation to the issue of behaviour and any application of rules is for the benefit of all guests and contributes to a coexistence based on respect.
Civic and correct behaviour is essential for the Client and the people accompanying him/her, as well as for the Pincheiro AT Staff. In the event of inappropriate, disrespectful and irresponsible behaviour on the part of the Client and accompanying persons, Pincheiro AT reserves the right to ask the Client and accompanying persons to leave the flat immediately, without the right to make any claims or any kind of compensation. This will result in the loss of the remaining stay and the Damage Deposit.

Furnishing and cleaning
The Client undertakes to keep the furniture and the contents of the flat in the same conditions in which they were found on arrival.
Pincheiro AT will have the right to demand from the Client who does not comply with the cleaning rules, or who causes damage to the furniture due to improper use, an economic compensation proportional to the damage caused. The Damage Deposit acts as a guarantee, as well as the Credit Card provided at the time of booking.

The Client must hand in the key cards at the Reception of Pincheiro AT.
The loss or non-delivery of the key card is subject to a charge of 10 euros.

No smoking
No smoking, in accordance with Law 42/2010.

Obligations and Responsibilities
The Client shall comply with the accommodation rules stipulated in this contract, and shall ensure that the guests accompanying him/her respect these rules. The Client and his companions agree to take care of the Apartment, its furniture, its equipment, and once the accommodation is finished, to leave everything in good condition and in good condition, including the kitchen equipment (pots and pans, crockery, cutlery, appliances), bathroom, living room (television, controls, etc.) and bedrooms (mattresses, sheets, etc.).
The Client agrees not to cause damage to walls, doors and windows. He/she also agrees to behave in such a way as not to cause a nuisance to any person staying with him/her, or to persons in the neighbouring houses or properties.
The Client agrees to take care of his/her belongings during the stay at Pincheiro AT.
The Client agrees to ensure that the persons accompanying him/her during the stay are covered by the most comprehensive travel insurance possible (covering cancellations, flight delays, losses, theft, luggage) as well as travel health and repatriation insurance.
The Client is obliged not to allow more people to stay overnight in the Apartment than expressly authorised. Neither during his stay he will be able to modify without permission and without informing Pincheiro AT the composition of the group staying with him, nor to introduce pets. In this case, Pincheiro AT will be able to deny you access to the Apartment or demand that you leave it.
Any of these circumstances will be considered as a cancellation of the Reservation on your part and Pincheiro AT will be released from any obligation to reimburse the amounts previously paid by the Client. Any refund will be at the disposal of Pincheiro AT.
The Client agrees to allow representatives of Pincheiro AT to access the Apartment at reasonable times during their stay when circumstances require immediate and essential repairs, in times of emergency, or access whenever it becomes necessary to check that the terms of this Booking Contract are being respected.

Our aim is that the Client has an unforgettable experience in our flats. Therefore, any complaint will be dealt with by adopting the necessary measures and in the shortest possible time; all this in order to correct and rectify errors.
It is therefore essential to contact Pincheiro AT immediately, so that everything can be resolved as soon as possible. It is not always possible to solve it immediately, but it is important to notify us without delay.
If it is not possible for us to resolve a complaint during the stay, the Client must write an email with all the details of what happened and within 30 days after the end of the stay.
It is important to know that Pincheiro AT will not assume any responsibility in case of incidents that may arise between you and Pincheiro AT in relation to the Booking, in case of non-payment of amounts resulting from errors in the payment solution provided by a third party, and finally in case of refusal of any payment of yours by a third party payment solution provider.

Other terms
This Reservation and any right or liability arising therefrom may not be transferred to any other person without the prior written consent of Pincheiro AT.
If at any time performance of any provision of this Reservation Agreement is deemed to be unenforceable for any justifiable reason under applicable law, such provision shall be deemed omitted; however, this shall not affect the enforceability of any and all remaining provisions.
This Booking Contract, the cancellation policy and the confirmation email contain the entire agreement between you and us in relation to the Booking and shall supersede any previous agreements, provisions or discussions between us, whether written or oral. No representations, undertakings or promises, express or implied, other than those expressly set out in this Booking Agreement, may be inferred or extracted from anything said or written during the negotiations between you and us prior to receipt of the confirmation email. In the event of incorrect statements made by the other party which have led to the acceptance of this Booking Contract (except in the case of fraudulent misrepresentation), the parties shall not be entitled to claim any additional compensation over and above that to which they are entitled for the other party’s breach of contract as described in this Booking Contract.
We shall not be deemed to be in breach of the Booking Contract and shall not be liable for any errors or delays in the provision of services where these are due to circumstances beyond our control, including but not limited to flood, fire, explosion or accident.



CIF: B70599063
15940 – A CORUÑA (Coruña, A)
Data Protection Delegate: José Barroso Castro

Purpose of processing
1. The purpose of the collection and processing of personal data, through the different forms owned by PINCHEIRO APARTAMENTOS TURISTICOS, S.L., made available to the Users, is, depending on the specific case, to manage and administratively attend to the contractual relationship with the provision of the service by Pincheiro AT, including the use of such data for the sending of communications related to the contracted service via e-mail, SMS or any other means of communication. This purpose also responds to requests for information, doubts, complaints, compliments or suggestions to publications or any services or activities, acts or events provided, offered, sponsored and/or sponsored by PINCHEIRO APARTAMENTOS TURISTICOS, S.L., as well as to know the opinion of the users.

2. Sending commercial communications via e-mail or other equivalent electronic means of communication, about products or services similar or related to those offered by Pincheiro AT in the terms provided for in Art. 21 of Law 34/2002 of services of the information society. Sometimes, these commercial communications can be sent in a personalised way.

3. Sending of “The best offers”: without prejudice to the provisions of the previous section, and only with the express consent of the user, Pincheiro AT will process the data to send by email, telephone, post, SMS, MMS or any equivalent means of communication, the best offers on any type of product and service marketed by Pincheiro AT or by its partners or commercial collaborators operating in the following sectors: tourism, leisure and catering, events, sport, music, fashion, clothing, textile decoration, consumer goods, food and beverages, finance, energy, media, new technologies, telecommunications, publications and publishing, environment, retail and services in general.
The processing of data for this purpose is optional and the user will be expressly asked for consent to receive the best offers as described above. If this consent is not given, Pincheiro AT will not send the commercial offers referred to in this section.

Compulsory or optional nature of the data
The provision of the data requested at the time of booking is obligatory for the booking process to be completed. However, in the data collection forms, those data that are considered necessary for the requested services are marked with an asterisk.

Pincheiro AT is entitled to the processing of personal data, based on the consent given by the interested party by signing or accepting the relevant forms, in this case, the Booking Contract, or for one or more specific purposes, as stated in Article 6.1. a) of the General Regulation on the Protection of Personal Data.

Veracity and accuracy of the data
Users and clients of Pincheiro AT guarantee and are responsible, in any case, for the truthfulness, accuracy, validity and authenticity of the personal data provided, and undertake to keep them duly updated. Likewise, users and clients acknowledge that, in the event that they do not provide their data in a truthful and updated manner, Pincheiro AT will be unable to provide the services requested by them.
Finally, users and clients declare that they are of legal age or have the corresponding authorisation from their legal representatives.
On the other hand, in order that the data contained in our computer and/or paper files always correspond to reality, we will try to keep them up to date. Therefore, for this purpose, the User will have to make the changes, directly, when authorised to do so or by communicating, by reliable means, to the corresponding area or department of Pincheiro AT.

Retention period
The personal data provided will be kept for the corresponding period of time to comply with legal obligations, Better while you do not object to the processing or revoke your consent.

Personal data will not be transferred or communicated to third parties, except in the cases necessary for the development, control and fulfilment of the purpose/s expressed, in the cases provided for by law.

Rights of guests and users
However, the interested party of the personal data may in any case exercise the rights to which they are entitled, in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation, which are:
Right to request access to personal data relating to the data subject, Right to request rectification or erasure, Right to request restriction of processing, Right to object to processing, Right to data portability.
The interested party may exercise these rights by means of a request accompanied by a photocopy of his or her National Identity Document, specifying which of these rights he or she wishes to exercise, sent to the following address:

Pincheiro Apartamentos Turisticos, S.L.
C/ Antón Paz Míguez, 7
15940 – A Coruña (Coruña, A)
If you consider that your right to the protection of personal data has been violated, you may lodge a complaint with the Spanish Data Protection Agency (www.agpd.es).

Security Measures
Finally, we inform you that PINCHEIRO APARTAMENTOS TURISTICOS, S.L., will adopt the appropriate technical and organisational measures in its information system, in compliance with the principle of proactive responsibility, in order to guarantee the security and confidentiality of the data stored, thus avoiding its alteration, loss, unauthorised processing or access; taking into account the state of the art, the costs of application, and the nature, scope, context and purposes of the processing, as well as risks of variable probability and severity associated with each of the processing operations.


If the Client is a professional or company
These General Terms and Conditions are governed, to the extent permitted by applicable law, by Spanish law. Likewise, to the extent permitted by the applicable regulations and international agreements, the parties agree to submit to the jurisdiction of the Courts of Santiago de Compostela, Spain, for any matter relating to the interpretation, compliance or execution of these Terms and Conditions, expressly waiving any jurisdiction that may correspond to them, provided that the applicable regulations do not establish a specific mandatory jurisdiction.

If the Client is a consumer
These General Terms and Conditions are governed by Spanish law or, if you reside outside Spain, by the law of the country of your residence.
Any controversy in relation to these General Conditions will be submitted to the jurisdiction of the place of residence of the Client, and, in the case that this jurisdiction is not compulsory by law, at the choice of the Client, the one of his residence or the one of the domicile of Pincheiro AT.
Therefore, consumers in the European Union can send their complaints to Pincheiro AT.


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